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The Feist Team understands that your next real estate transaction is your next life milestone. Whether you’re buying your first home, your next investment or making a move you’ve been working towards for a long time, we’re here to make that milestone a great memory.

Because the fact is, real estate transactions aren’t always easy. It’s hard to know who to trust, and even though you’re excited and you know it’s going to be worth it, you also know nothing worth having ever comes free or easy.

We know that real estate transactions can make home sellers and buyers feel more like a paycheck to their agents than real people. People with a story and a dream of better days ahead.

Karmen and Shane make it their goal to know your story. To respect that this isn’t just a transaction with a check at the end, but it’s part of your journey. And probably a BIG part of your journey.

The Feist Team knows first-hand from hundreds of personal real estate transactions, just how difficult it can be when you’re dealing with money and other people’s emotions. And we’ve learned from our 20+ years of combined experience how to help keep emotions in tact, facts in front of us and real estate transactions making it to the closing table.

Whether you’re ready to buy your first home, your dream home, your vacation home or your next investment property, we’ll always make your next milestone our first PRIORITY!

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